Thurso Baptist Church is committed to sharing the good news of Jesus with the community and visitors.

We are a group of Christians.  We love Jesus and we believe that he is the answer to all the most significant questions that face the human race.  We love the bible because in it we discover who God really is.

We have found Jesus to be our true treasure in life, our reason for living and our hope for eternity and everything we do aims to convince you that he is the same for you.

We are a contemporary  Baptist church. We have no dress code; we love to sing but it’s not mandatory and in all our services we simply seek to understand what the bible says to us in our daily lives.

We are a family fellowship with a deep understanding and loving acceptance of each other.  The fellowship is made up with people from a variety of church backgrounds and cultures.

Everyone is made most welcome – we’d love to see you meeting with us!